Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why we cats should not trim our eyebrows

( Photo from my main blog, but it's Smudge not me. I show his photo because his eyebrow is more obvious than mine )

Today I'm going to talk about eyebrows because one of my friend, she had a question ( She is a Tuxedo Lady Cats ) Should she trim her eyebrows ?

In my opinion, we should not change the way we are but some time, it's hard to tell the girl like that. So I must find the good reason...Why ? Why the cat should not trim eyebrows. We all know about what is cat whisker for ? but what's about the eyebrow ! so I did send my mom to find out, and she came back with this information.

Why we cats should not trim our eyebrow.

A cats eyebrows act as a sort of detection system. They work in collusion with the muzzle whiskers, and the whiskers on the side of the face to tell the animal the size of an opening, and any other data necessary that will provide information to the animal about the issue surrounding the degree of its safety.
Girl !!! now you know why and I think you don't want to end up being Miss Clumsy : )

And the eyebrow is part of our face to help us to show our emotion ...just like in humans !