Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Cats are Meat Lover !

Why CAT should eat mostly MEAT instead of WHEATS, GRAINS, and GREENS

First things, I know it's so obvious, but not many actually know that our cats and dogs are CARNIVORES. ( Not OMNIVORES or HERBIVORES, which are evolved to eat both plant and animal substances or just greens.) They are EASILY put under this category for a few simple reasons as follows:


" Animals, Just like people, are still using digestive systems that evolved thousands of year ago, system designed to provide them with nutrients derived from the whole food. You need only look at the digestive system of an organism to determine it's appropriate food." Bruce Cauble, D.V.M.

Animals that eat mostly grains and greens have LONG digestive tracts to help digest the complex plant foods. CARNIVORES such as CATS have SHORT digestive tracts because fat and animal proteins are quickly and easily able to digest, hence not needing as long of a tract to do so. The CECUM is larger in a HERBIVORES body due to it having more of a variety to process, versus just meat.


The teeth of a CARNIVORE explain it all. They are unique in being triangular, serrated, and short (similar to scissors cutting). This then helps to quickly grasp, rip, shred, and swallow the meat. They lack the flatter teeth that OMNIVORES and HERBIVORES need to grind, chew, and crush the plant and grain materials ingested. 


The jaw of meat eating animals is vertical. It is like this to smoothly slice down into the meat of the animal there consuming while opening the jaw widely to swallow larger chunks. Unlike this, HERBIVORES and OMNIVORES have horizontal moving jaws that help to grind and chew the food there about to swallow. 


This is an enzyme that is present in OMNIVORES and HERBIVORES saliva. The enzyme helps to predigest the food while the animal is chewing and grinding the grains or greens. Now are best friends ( CARNIVORES ) lack this enzyme in there mouth to help out when they eat grains or greens.

Meaning when it comes time to digest this food they have to overwork there pancreas, which does create this naturally, but only a small amount. Though overworking the pancreas with to much grain and greens to digest may sometimes cause the animal to get pancreatitis (swelling of the pancreas ). This being very treatable and curable if proper nutrition and health is applied. 

Now your asking well what do CARNIVORES have to help digest there food? They have two enzymes called protease, cellulase, and lipase. These are far to damaging to have release in the mouth due to oral corroding, but are specifically produced in the stomach. They both help to break down proteins into amino acids and fiber. Used specifically for meats, and the little amylase that is produced, is really only meant for whatever grains and greens that resided in the stomach of the animal there eating.

Now the choice is yours to look at the food that you are feeding and to judge if it is proper towards your cat health.

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