Thursday, November 17, 2011

How often is it normal for a kitty to urinate a day ?

The answer is – it depends. Some cats will urinate a couple times a day – others more frequently depending on much water intake.

I'd say most cats urinate two to four times per day. If a cat frequent urination, This is...

5 Possible Causes of Frequent Urination in Cats
and What You Can Do About It

Let's face it. In a cat frequent urination is a worrisome symptom. It can signal a serious illness or a bacterial infection but either way it can become life-threatening if not treated timely. Many factors such as your cat's urine smell, age, sex, and general behavior will help you determine what is causing your cat's urination problem. Here are 5 possible causes of frequent urination and what you can do about it.

1. Maybe you're thinking, "Help! My cat is urinating often!" There is no need to panic because the symptom is very common in cats of old age. Your old cat may urinate frequently because he is not capable of holding in his urine due to a loosened sphincter. It may frustrate you if you see your cat pee on the carpet or in another inappropriate area but try not to get angry because it is involuntary. Give your cat a homeopathic remedy to help strengthen his bladder sphincter.

2. In a cat frequent urination could be due to behavioral issues. Some cats spray or urinate to mark their territory. This type of behavior can be fixed in unneutered male cats by neutering them.

3. If you're thinking, "My cat is urinating often," it could be because she has a feline bladder infection. The infection may also cause her urine to smell bad. Take her to the veterinarian to get diagnosed. The vet will do some tests and prescribe antibiotics. Don't give her antibiotics and instead try to heal the infection by giving her plenty of filtered water to drink and administering a homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic remedy takes a little longer to work than drugs but it is completely safe and effectively relieves the pain and gets rid of the bad smell of your cat's wee. Mild infections can be easily treated with homeopathy.

4. In a cat frequent urination may be the sign of a serious disease like diabetes, cancer, or Cushing's disease. Your veterinarian will have to do some tests and exams to determine if a serious illness is underlying the symptoms. You can give your cat a homeopathic remedy as a complementary treatment to whatever treatment your vet decides to give your cat. It will help your cat recover more quickly.

5. If you're thinking, "My cat is urinating often," a blockage by a crystal or stone in your cat's kidney, bladder, or urinary tract may be the cause. A blockage will keep your cat from being able to empty his bladder completely. When the bladder gets very full, it pushes against the blockage and leaks around the sides. This leads to your cat having the frequent urge to urinate.

Your next step? Keep this information in mind the next time you notice strange symptoms in your cat. If your cat urinates in unusual places or has peed more or less often than normal, you should get him checked out as soon as possible. Your veterinarian will need to examine him to figure out the cause. Whatever the problem, homeopathic treatment is hands down the best way to take care of the job. In a cat frequent urination does not need to be treated with harsh drugs because a homeopathic remedy can do the trick. Obviously diseases and other serious issues need to be addressed but even in those situations a homeopathic remedy works great as a complementary therapy.

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Thank you for your informative post. Mummy is going to print it off to keep. Hmmmm, i'm thinking Tiddles up the road's mum needs to read this!! :)xx

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I hope your mommy makes more of these helpful articles, Puddy.

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We only have street cats and they stay outside, so I'm not sure if they have problem with their health. You have a nice cat :-)

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